Awaken & Arise

Awaken to your soul’s purpose

Awaken & Arise

Awaken to your soul’s purpose

Awaken & Arise

Awaken to your soul’s purpose

Welcome Y’all

My name is Becki Ruh. I am a dreamer and a seeker. I am a doer and a change-maker. As a giddy defector of Corporate America, I have transformed my life into one of intention, purpose and ridiculous amounts of gratitude and wonder.


Do you know that everything we need Mother Nature has provided for us? At team Awaken & Arise we are being called back to her ways.


Team AWAKEN & ARISE is a community committed to creating change and healing in this world by starting with ourselves first!


Inhale. Relax. Connect. Check out our calendar of events to get plugged into the community of Team Awaken & Arise.

“This Wild Woman archetype is in my DNA and I’m watching as I continue coming into my own, to claim my rightful place in this world and to shake loose all that is not meant for me. And to embrace all that is.”

Becki Ruh

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