No Better Time

20 September 2019

This is what the past 4 1/2 years have felt like to me…

Don’t think it hasn’t been hard work. And really fun and challenging and scary and dangerous and exhilarating all at the same time. Adventure and drive and rebelliousness and hunger and having something to prove have all come into play at some point.
Don’t think I’m not super-aware of who my greatest supporters have been & how much more difficult it would’ve been without them. And at the same time, know that I held a single-focus and commitment to doing the work. And I believed it was possible. 
Don’t think I’m not aware of and fully welcoming the work that’s ahead…I can feel the shift: I know the best is yet to come.
If you’ve been watching, and you’re ready to start challenging & growing yourself with me, you’re ready to see what you’re made of and build the life you haven’t even let yourself dream of yet, hit me up…there really is no better time than right. This. Minute.



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