“In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through [us all]”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everything we need is within us and provided by our sweet, abundant Mama. The Air we breathe is utilized by our brilliant lungs, that work without our willing them to do so. The nourishment & Water we need is cultivated simply yet almost magically it seems by the Earth’s propagations. Our bodies inherently use those nutrients to sustain a healthy, strong existence. The light & warmth provided by the sun signals time to toil and the moon’s rise into the night sky signals our time for rest . . . when we are aligned with nature, we are in our element and able to thrive as we were intended to.

Everything we need is provided for us. We know that on a basic, fundamental level. Yet we’ve somehow moved away from Nature and her offerings to us. A return to our roots is in order, and many of us are being called back to her ways. 

What’s beautiful about this return is that it can now be coupled with the brilliance of modern science. And all of the research is affirming what my body – and yours – has been telling me for years: our bodies were designed to heal themselves. They will do so when we provide the nourishment we need and utilize the support provided us by nature.

“Let food be thy medicine”


“Every plant is a teacher, but as in every crowd, there are always a few loudmouths.” – Dale Pendell

I like to think of these “loudmouth” plants as the ones that yield essential oils (because not all plants do yield EOs):

Lavender has made herself known by her calming presence that aids us in sleep.

We hear the Wise Men brought Baby Jesus Frankincense and Myrrh, but we may not be really sure why.

Peppermint and Ginger have shown up over the generations to provide support for our aching bellies and overindulgence.

And we know Tea Tree oil is good for pimples with it’s astringent qualities.

Oh! And lemon is a potent cleanser . . .

But did you know that Lavender is also a natural antihistimine (allergies, anyone?), good for stretch marks and burns and will take the itch out of a bug bite instantaneously. This beautiful oil has as many uses as it does naturally occurring chemical compounds . . . the list literally goes on and on. Same with Peppermint (headaches, energy, concentration, to name a few) and Tea Tree (anti-fungal, coughs and colds, immune support). Don’t even get me started on the magic of Lemon (but you’ll def want to use it in your water each morning to jump-start your metabolism and give the ol’ liver a morning bath).

There are oils to help stimulate the lymphatic system, help fight off the crud and address those exhausted adrenals, too. “There’s an oil for that,” has become a cute little quip that is based in truth; if there is something that ails you, there is an oil to help address it. 

If you’re ready to begin realigning yourself with Mother Nature, oils are a perfect place to start . . . and if you’re already well-acquainted and ready to take your commitment to yourself and all things natural up a notch, you’ve found the right place, as well.

Here’s what is super-important to understand: not all oils are created equally. That’s why it is imperative to know what essentials oils are (and are not), that you partner with a company that is committed to transparency, education and continued research and that you understand their entire process – from the cultivation of the plants, distillation and to understand what quality control methods are undertaken to ensure purity, potency and efficacy each and every time you reach for one of those little brown bottles.

dōTERRA translates to

“Gift of the Earth”

dōTERRA translates to

“Gift of the Earth”

So let’s start with this:


Essential oils are naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in the bark, leaves, stems, petals, peels or various other parts of some plants. I repeat: naturally occurring. That means that Mother Nature created these babies and they have not set foot in a chemist’s lab. They come straight from the plant and are perfect in their creation just as they are.

They contain volatile aromatic compounds. “Volatile” means the oils change from a  liquid to a gas on their own; this allows our bodies to absorb them into something it can assimilate quickly, which helps explain how we feel the benefits moments after using them.

Essential oils are an essential part of the plant’s immune system, though the word “essential” is actually a reference to the “essence” of the plant. Anyhoo, the plants rely on these naturally-occurring aromatic compounds (essential oils) to protect themselves from environmental threats like pests, disease, infection or injury to the plant itself. They also attract pollinators with these aromatic compounds so they play a super-important role in the propagation and resilience of that particular species.

Utilizing plants to help support our own health has been a thing since . . . well, the beginning of mankind as far as I can tell. The Egyptians used them dating back to 3500 BC. Around the same time, China and India were exploring aromatic plants, too, which would become an integral part of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Learning about the history of essential oils has this really beautiful way of reconnecting us with our ancestors. And it also helps shed some light on what’s been happening in our Western medicine culture. Today, we get the best of both worlds: we use natural solutions as our first line of defense and feel safe knowing there’s modern medicine to support us if we feel the need to call that in.




I chose to partner with dōTERRA for the following reasons:

COMMITMENT TO PURITY which yields the HIGHEST POTENCY essential oils in the world. The rigorous testing every. single. bottle goes thorough before it reaches us, the consumer, is unparalleled in this industry. They’re tested to ensure each oil contains the proper amount of the proper compounds. And that they contain nothing else. No additives, no adulterations to the naturally-occurring compounds, no toxins or other contaminants including any pesticides, herbicides or fillers…completely organic. Just like Mother Nature intended.

Another part to dōTERRA’s commitment to providing purity and potency includes choosing to source their oils indigenously, rather than having farms here in the States. Think “farm-raised” versus “wild harvested” . . . same principle. So they go to where these plants grow best and most abundantly in nature. They work with Mother Nature, instead of trying to produce growing conditions that mimic the ones that yield the healthiest crop.

Think about it.

Vetiver from Haiti.
Oregano from Turkey.

Wintergreen from Nepal.
Frankincense from Somalia.
Cardamom from Guatemala.
Ylang Ylang from Madagascar.
Douglas Fir from New Zealand.
Lemon and bergamot from Sicily.
Lemongrass from Southern India.
Tea Tree and eucalyptus in Australia.

And even if they could recreate the conditions needed, does that mean they should? Not when you understand dōTERRA’s co-impact sourcing efforts . . .

Welcome to the reason I – and over 8 million across the globe – have fallen in love with this company. The heart. The integrity. The mission. It is not about “selling oils.” dōTERRA is about raising the vibration of the entire planet, it’s about empowering us to take our power back when it comes to our health & livelihood as much as it is about lifting up communities around the world. 

doTERRA sources oils from over 40 different countries, more than half of which are developing nations.

We partner with communities all over the world who have access to the most healthy, abundant crops. Many of these communities have not had viable industry or they may have been harvesting crops for other essential oil companies who were not paying them fairly. Enter dōTERRA. Fair wages, partnership, collaboration and support and resources for many of these communities who were not getting their basic needs met. You’ll learn more about Healing Hands, dōTERRA’s non-profit that was created to help fund projects all over the world to help support the needs of our partners . . . and beyond. Clean water? Education? Access to medical care? Many of these things, we take for granted. As dōTERRA began establishing their worldwide supply-chain, they saw a deep need for more healing, more support, more service in these communities we were partnering with. So they made a commitment to deepen our ability to serve and they named that commitment “Healing Hands.”

The commitment to co-impact sourcing also included addressing serious wage issues in the global essential oil industry. Farmers, growers and distillers had not been receiving fair pay and on a schedule that met their needs. dōTERRA recognizes the value these partners provide and committed to providing fair and consistent pay. Now, these families have a sense of job and financial security as they’ve partnered with the largest essential oil company in the world. This a win-win-win if I’ve ever seen one! Improved living conditions and way of life for our partners on the ground, viable and thriving business for the owners of the company and the Wellness Advocates who partner with dōTERRA and improved health, vitality and total empowerment for the end user. Win. Win. Win. Yes, please.

So. When you buy a bottle of your favorite oil, know that the impact goes beyond a calmer mind or stronger immune system or pain-free muscles. The reach is far and the impact substantial. Have a look for yourself . . . you’ll feel it, too. This is a powerful movement we’re a part of:

And if you’re feeling called to learn more about Healing Hands , you can do so by clicking here or you can contribute to one of the many Healing Hands projects taking place around the globe, by donating right here.

What we choose to put our energy into creates our days, our weeks, our months, and our years. We get to choose how we want to feel. We get to choose what we want to create. We get to lean into what is important to us right now… it’s a powerfully beautiful realization when we open up to it.

SOURCE TO YOU is dōTERRA’s commitment to transparency that is revolutionizing the essential oil community.

Most Tested. Most Trusted.

Each batch of doTERRA essential oils goes through a battery of rigorous tests to ensure you and your family receive only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth. At Sourcetoyou.com, you can enter the unique Quality ID (printed on every bottle of essential oil) to view GC/MS test results from an independent, verified third party lab. dōTERRA is committed to providing you the highest quality oil, every time.

We have never seen a company with such integrity or purpose of mission. This is not an essential oil company, this is a group of visionaries who takes “Be the change you wish to see in the world” to a whole new level. These visionaries are calling more and more visionaries in each year and we are changing the world . . . one drop at a time.

Aha! Now you get why so many of your friends have been swearing by dōTERRA for years . . . and now you’re ready to get started on your own journey!

Step-by-step directions are below; the kit I most recommend (and the one I started with) is the Natural Solutions kit. 

Your kit will come with a dōTERRA Essentials booklet and:

PastTense® (head and muscle tension be gone!!)
Lavender (sleep tight, sweet girl and all things calming)
Lemon (super-cleansing, for your gut and your countertops:) Oh! And great for focus & flavors my favorite salad dressing)
Peppermint (energizing, cooling oil and settles tummy upset quickly)
doTERRA On Guard® (immune boost, anyone? chock full of antioxidants)
Frankincense (cellular regenerator helps with all things aging, from skin to inflammation)
Tea Tree Oil (pimples & skin issues be gone!!)
Wild Orange (natural mood booster and oh so yummy in a smoothie!)
doTERRA Balance® (my gateway oil:) this grounding blend is a must when we need a little calming)
DigestZen® (so good for all things tummy)
AromaTouch® (massage blend to help relieve muscle tension; super-calming)
doTERRA Serenity® (just as the name implies, use this when you want to scream “SERENITY NOW!”)
doTERRA Breathe® (respiratory blend that opens up the airways)

doTERRA On Guard® Collection: (a must for tip-top health – you’ll especially love the toothpaste and handsoap and mouthwash! Oh! And the hand sanitizer spray for your purse, too . . .)
doTERRA On Guard Beadlets, doTERRA On Guard Toothpaste, doTERRA On Guard Hand Wash with 2 Dispensers
doTERRA On Guard Mouth Wash, doTERRA On Guard Sanitizer Spray, doTERRA On Guard Softgels

Other Products:

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® (#1 selling product because these supplements are everything you need for foundational health)
 PB Assist®+ (because everybody needs a probiotic)
DigestZen TerraZyme® (AND digestive enzymes!!)
Deep Blue® Rub (amazing for sore muscles and back)
Fractionated Coconut Oil (because every oil user needs this to dilute your oils)
doTERRA Spa Hand & Body Lotion 
doTERRA Lumo Diffuser (my fav diffuser and you MUST have a good one if you’re going to use oils!)
doTERRA Spa Moisturizing Bath Bar (3pk)
Wooden Box (to organize all your new oils in!)
doTERRA Breathe® Vapor Stick 
Correct-X® (boo-boo ointment)

As if this wasn’t exciting enough already, with your purchase, you’ll ALSO be getting from me:

  • Welcome email outlining the basics of getting started
  • 101 Ways to Use EOs (need to eventually replace this with something else)
  • 30-minute phone consult with me to make sure you have the oils you need and that you’re getting the most of your membership
  • Occasional emails from me (no more than one or two a month) about what’s going on in our community, oil news and other general holistic health tips
  • Access to our Facebook support group, Awaken & Arise – Oil Explorers, where we share info about oils, products and dōTERRA
  • And of course, if ever you’re interested in exploring the business opportunity, just walk this way to learn more. (need to change this to a link to Team Awaken & Arise)

Before we continue, please know that if you already have a dōTERRA account, you will not be able to open another one with me; dōTERRA’s policy is only one account per person and married couples may only have one between you. Also, if another Wellness Advocate introduced you to these gifts of the earth, please get back in touch with them to let them know you’re ready to get started. They will be happy to enroll & support you! We have a culture in this company that is important to me to honor, so thank you for adhering to these requests. If however, you’re brand new to all of this and ready to get started or I personally introduced you, read on, dear one . . . I’m so excited to get you all hooked up!

Okay, yaayyy!!!

So let’s pick out an enrollment kit . . .

Here are your enrollment options if you’re in the US

Or if you’re in other parts of the world:
Canada  | Australia | New Zealand | Europe | Hong Kong | Japan

When you’re ready to order:

  • Click this link: mydoterra.com/beckiruh
  • Click Join & Save
  • Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you
  • Choose Wholesale Customer
  • Please DO NOT enroll as a Wellness Advocate – this is important. If you ever want to upgrade, you can, but I ask that we have a conversation about this first. This ensures I can support you as best as possible. I repeat: Please do not enroll as a Wellness Advocate OR upgrade without having a conversation without me first.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • At “Enroller ID” enter my number: 1652628
  • Then click verify (it should show “Becki Ruh”)
  • Assign yourself a password you will remember (and then write it down somewhere:))
  • Click to the next page
  • Select what kit you’d like to order. If you would prefer to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will appear for you to select it. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet in this case. Purchasing a kit waives this enrollment fee.
  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order

Once your payment processes, I’ll be notified by dōTERRA and will be in touch to welcome you officially. We’ll schedule our 30-minute call to get you moving in the direction of becoming an empowered advocate of your own health! We can explore further your long-term vision of wellness and how essential oils can play a role. If you have any, I will answer questions about your wholesale account when we chat, including questions about the Loyalty Rewards Program, dōTERRA’s version of a “Wellness Box.” This is the smartest way to order for sure.

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