Welcome to Empowered Living

Seriously, these oils are such a huge blessing, I can hardly wait for you to receive your box and begin exploring these gifts of the Earth & the entire dōTERRA product line. From starting each day with a drop of lemon in my water, feeling vibrant from the benefits of Lifelong Vitality, using Immortelle after my shower to help soften fine lines and diffusing any combination of oils I feel called to as I move through my day (& night, for better sleep!), the uses and benefits are endless. Start exploring right away (LIVE GUIDE LINK) and consider what health goals you want to address first!

You know these things. Yet you haven’t found quite the right vehicle, the right call for you to take the leap, make the change, to step outside of your comfort zone . . .

Is your heart beating a little faster? Can you feel it? That catch in your breath that tells you whatever you’re about to read could very possibly change the trajectory of your life?

Yep. I remember that feeling explicitly. It was the best feeling of my life. For real. So here’s the deal: you’re about to read about how you can partner with dōTERRA, the world’s largest essential oil company, with me as your guide, to create your very own, home-based wellness business. This opportunity is available only to those in my dōTERRA community – Awaken & Arise – or those who do not have an existing or active account with dōTERRA.

This is your invitation to take a seat with Team Awaken & Arise

Team AWAKEN & ARISE is a collective (community) committed to creating change and healing in this world by STARTING WITH OURSELVES FIRST! We’re visionaries who are disinterested in blame, shame and excuses. Instead of those old, low-vibe coping mechanisms, we are lit up by stoking our brilliantly intuitive fires! We’re super-curious and kinda wild, yet energetically sensitive so we seek grounding and balance on the regular (or we at least know we need it). We’re connected and love creating a sense of community yet we’re fiercely independent. We celebrate each other, learn from and with one another and recognize there is more than enough for all of us.

And each of us is in love with the integrity, heart and vision of dōTERRA as much as we are in love with creating ripple effects of healing and transformation all over the world.

We spend our time empowering people with natural solutions that provide calm and grounding to their angst; rest for their sleepless body; relief to their aching muscles and joints; a boost to their immune systems and relief to their digestive discomfort. We provide solutions for glowing skin, improved cognition and more energy . . . and all of these lead to a more joyous, more empowered way of life. Fuck. Yeah.

Our “jobs” grow us as we continue developing new leadership skills every step of the way. But we start with leading ourselves. I’ve heard it said this is a personal development company with a comp plan. Absolutely, 100% this has been our experience. Our own growth and development is the catalyst for the the growth of our businesses, which means dōTERRA offers a platform anyone can be launched from! We work with real, everyday people who are ready to create extraordinary lives! If you are ready for extraordinary

Welcome Aboard

How it Works

For all of us, it starts with a drop of oil that awakens something within . . . you feel it’s power, you love the way it makes you feel, you marvel at it’s effectiveness. Whether it’s Balance (as it was for me) or Frankincense or Copaiba or Deep Blue, something in one of these little brown bottles tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Come here, sister, we have work to do.”

The more you learn about and use the oils, the more surprised you are at their benefits. Same with the supplements, the company and the membership. It’s all good stuff, all around. There may be a skeptic inside, lurking around somewhere, feeding you fear, but there’s something stronger than that tugging at your attention. You feel the purity. You feel the efficacy. You see the opportunity. You hear it calling your name.

Before long, you have a deep understanding and relationship with these oils and they have seamlessly become a part of your life. As that happens, you begin to share these gifts with those around you and watch as they too experience what you just have . . . a complete awakening to the fact that we have had the power all along. “We” = us + Mother Nature. Mind blown (for the first time . . . you just wait.)

The decision is made: you are ready to declare your partnership and become a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA.
We (me & our “Awakening Ambassadors”) will welcome you aboard and teach you how to start sharing the gift of doTERRA with others.

There are weekly guided trainings available, as well as one on one monthly mentoring. And all of this takes place online, so it’s available to you wherever you are in the world! Connection and content keeps you moving in the direction of your dreams, so we will keep the info flowing as you get going.

Each week, you’ll be inviting people to experience the oils with you. It could be in a Circle setting with other awakening humans drawn to work with you and the oils (we’ll teach you all about the Healing Circles we facilitate!) or over tea, one-on-one. You’ll be an ambassador of wellness as you empower others to bring these amazing gems into their day-to-day life, just as you have done.

Here’s the thing: dōTERRA leads with the product (because they really are that good) but the business opportunity is strong and viable and sometimes, people are pulled by the biz. You’ll want to partner with people that LIGHT YOU UP so start thinking about what the perfect partners would look like for you. Sometimes they join you early and other times, they meander in later, but however they come in, it will be perfect. They will be your business partners, your sisters and you will grow with them in ways you did not know was possible. On-going support will be available for you and your tribe as you all step into new levels of leadership.

It’s a reciprocal and beautifully unique business model that serves everyone involved. Highest and best, y’all. Highest and best. That means we work collaboratively so that all may rise.

A rising tide lifts all boats

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving community of people all over the world who are making a goooood living (like 6+ figures good) sharing the vehicle of dōTERRA with those who light the world up all around them! The day to day of that might look different, but we’re committed to: 

  • taking loving care of ourselves on the reg. That means we love massages and Epsom salt/lavender baths just as much as we love wholesome food, yoga and a walk in the woods. And some of us love wine and pizza, too 🙂

  • play, travel & connect with the Mama Earth in all her majesty

  • offering healing and true connection to those who are open

  • connecting with others on this path while wildly celebrating the natural world all around us!

  • making as much money as we want to because we know it will go to good use in our hands

THIS is the life we are living. We invite you to join us . . . there’s plenty of room for everybody!

Ready to open a new income stream?

Are you already in love with the oils because they have changed your life? It’s time to share your love of the oils and earn a passive income by becoming a Wellness Advocate. We’ve got your back and all the tools you’ll need to grow a thriving network marketing business! Sign up below for the FREE 6-week Mastermind Class.