You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one . . .

I’m leading the way for a whole host of dreamers, doers, lovers and healers to tap into a deeper way of BE-ing in this world. I call in, and work closely with, those who are not quite happy with the status quo, who are ready to {or already are} owning their own path and marching to the beat of their own drum.

With no apologies.

Sisters who are ready to connect & be inspired by others who are doing the same. And who have known that happiness and contentment has always been within, even if they haven’t always been living that way.

These soul sisters embrace the discomfort and stretching that comes with growth just as much as they celebrate the life they’re creating through exploration and experimentation. They experience the complete freedom that comes with looking fear straight in the face and recognizing that not only are we are stronger than our fear, we grow by understanding it and choosing to move through it.

We are the shaker-up-ers, the digger-inners, the slower-downers and the soul-ligher-up-ers.

Welcome Sister

We are solution-seekers, explorers of the abundance all around us, curious and encouraging, we look for the light in all things and trust that we are being supported, guided, led to the path that is for our highest and best.

If this tickles your fancy, keep reading . . . you did not land here by accident.

My name is Becki Ruh.

Only in the last few years have I started to understand what my soul came here to do. And one of those things is to help YOU discover what YOUR soul is here to do. What’s so beautiful about this path is that it’s continuing to unfold. It’s playing out as we speak. Never have I been so excited to wake in the morning to get my day started and see what’s in store.

Only in recent years have all the convoluted, painful, difficult and ugly pieces of my life started to make sense. In contrast, I’m also able to see the beauty and connectedness of all things in a totally different way.

This path I’m on started to help it all come together to help me understand why everything happened the way it did and what my part was in all of it.

It’s also what has made me realize that I – just like you – am in complete control of how I see the world around me and what I choose to do with it.

Remembering Who I Came Here To Be

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel without really understanding that’s what I was. At least, it wasn’t on purpose . . . I just was. I’ve always done my own thing, but without the confidence you’d think accompanies a free spirit like mine.

I never wanted to conform, and in many ways never did. Nevertheless, as I reached adulthood I started down the path “they” told me to go . . . try your hand at college, get a job with a nice salary and bennies, get married and have babies . . .

As I dressed for the corporate grind every morning in my 20s and well into my 30s, I felt like a fraud. Like I was playing dress up and stepping into an alter-ego and out of the essence of who I came here to be.

I felt devoid of any joy. Though I had a beautiful baby boy, a circle of friends and all the “things” our culture tells us will bring joy.

I felt like a sellout. But I didn’t know what I’d rather be doing.

I felt inadequate, tired, anxious and dull.

My doctor said I was depressed and had anxiety. She prescribed me pills to help with those things.

And in some ways, they helped.

Enough for some of the fog to clear.

Years later, as that same doc was writing my Rx for another year’s supply of the meds I’d been taking, I thought to myself, “Do I even NEED these anymore?”

I’d since gotten divorced, started running, was eating more locally sourced, clean foods that I cooked myself, found a yoga studio I loved, and was in regular attendance at a support group that taught me to take life – and all the shit that comes with it – one day at a time.

With my doctor’s support, I started exploring what my life would look like without antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds. It was that little inner voice that urged me on, that asked the question in the first place and helped me discover that my inner knowing was strong.

What do YOU know to be true for yourself? What is YOUR inner-voice telling you?

What I know for sure is that we don’t have to know what every step of the way looks like on this path. We just have to take the next one. It’s not until we do that, that the next step appears.

This journey is a faith walk.

“We are everywhere, vibrating together and growing together and showing up in a powerful display of respect and love for one another that is contrary to the old stereotypes of ‘woman'”

Becki Ruh

My Corporate Story

As I continued on my own personal journey, my professional life was kinda – meh. I did the things. I was in sales and marketing and sold and marketed everything from tel-com to advertising to logistics.

None of it mattered to me and I hated that I spent so much time doing things that really didn’t matter. Not only to me, but really, to anybody else. It was a means to an end, I was a cog in the wheel. I understood that. But I couldn’t ever get on board with wasting so much of this precious life doing such mundane things. I knew I was here to do more.

Does this sound familiar?

I was at yoga one day when I met a woman. I had never seen her at the studio before and I’ve never seen her since. But we somehow got to talking about what she did:

“I’m a Holistic Health Coach,” she said. “I work with women to help them reach whatever health-related goals they may have.”

“I’ve never heard of a holistic health coach,” I said.

“We believe that ‘health’ isn’t just about what we eat or how we move our bodies, but that it also includes how we connect spiritually, the health of our relationships, our happiness with our career, how often and how we ‘play’ and our relationship with money. Among other things.”

That! Yes that!

That was my inner voice speaking . . . the one that said, “that.”

“I believe that, too,” I thought.

And for the first time in my life, I knew exactly what the next right thing on my path was.

I explored and enrolled in IIN and had every intention of starting my own business while I was still gainfully employed. If this sounds like something you’re interested in exploring, def check it out and feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more about this part of my path.



The jump is so frightening…

People tell me how lucky I am.

The truth is, every bit of what I’m doing, I dreamed up first. And I’ve worked for. And recommitted to that vision over and over again through the years. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that manifestation and vision and belief actually work. That we actually DO create our reality.

If you believe this to be true, then welcome! It is time to take a leap, name what you want, believe what you dream and join us in experiencing what is possible.



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